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auroramachine asked: Mr. Chris Pratt, you are the 3rd Chris that Marvel has collected so far. Do you think there is something special in your name or it’s just Marvel has a Chris fetish?

Chris Pratt: There’s definitely something special about my name. I’m joining pretty amazing company. Both of those guys are really incredible. I haven’t had a chance to meet Hemsworth yet, but Chris Evans… when I saw him, he literally ran across the room, gave me a huge bear hug, lifted me up, and was like, “Dude, you are going to love this!” It was like my brother congratulating me for like making the team. It was pretty cool. We bro’d out. There was a lot of love there… He’s a great guy. The point is, there’s something special about my name. You want your son to be successful? Name him Chris.





Pre-serum, Steve Rogers was COLOR BLIND. He literally opened his eyes to a whole different world.

My mind is totally blown by this.

Oh god, though. Imagine Steve Rogers, artist and art enthusiast, opening his eyes and seeing the world in a full range of colours for the first time.

Steve Rogers experimenting with coloured pencils a few days after the procedure and having a silently hysterical moment over how many different colours there are.  

Steve Rogers finding time to sneak off to the National Gallery/National Portrait Gallery/V&A while he’s on shore leave in London and just staring at the classic paintings he spent years of his life studying, but now they’re bright and vibrant and the reds are so red and it’s all so different from the versions that exist inside his memories.



But I have friends that are color blind and they can see a lot of colours.
Just sometimes they refer to something as green and it’s very clearly blue. Or all dark colours like dark greys and dark browns and maroons and royal purples and blues all look black.
Plenty of colours all appear as they should though. At least to my three friends with this issue. And they all find purple the most aesthetically pleasing.

So yes, he would be seeing the world differently once he could see the whole colour spectrum that most of us see, but the pictures are inaccurate because he would see more than that is allowing.

Not arguing; just saying.
Nobody bite me or anything ridiculous please.

There’s also a type of colourblindness called Red-Green Colourblindness, which my uncle has. It means the way he sees the colours red and green are totally different than the way we do. My uncle sees green as yellow, and red as orange. Not a huge difference, but enough that it’s noted on his drivers license.

Although we obviously have no idea what kind of color blindness Steve had, I ran the photos through a filter that simulates red-green color blindness. I made this after reading You Close Your Eyes and the Glory Fades by KallanEboi on AO3 (which you should totally go read!).

A few people (who are colorblind, I assume) have actually commented that they can’t see any difference between the different versions of the pictures.

Bucky Barnes and dating in the 40's.


So, wow. Yeah. Another one of those “I’ve been reading a lot of.. and.. (insert my opinion here).”

So, yes, I keep reading about Bucky as the ladies man: all sexed up and such. It’s a bit baffling to me, as this is a very modern way of thinking. Dating - or courtship - was…

So not to argue with a bunch of very nice people on Tumblr (who won’t see this anyway, most likely), but the view presented is a very much middle/upper-class view of courtship and dating, and as represented, Steve and Bucky were very much NOT living even a middle-class life pre-WWII.

Bucky was not competing with the young college students of the day for dates with girls Mademoiselle magazine profiled at Smith College, unless the girl was dating him because she wanted to upset her daddy by stepping out with the slick good-looking boy from the wrong side of the tracks.



Because they were always heroes, even before they officially became them.

I agree with the commentary, to a point, but I think describing pre-Iron Man Tony as a “supervillain” is rather a bit much. A supervillain’s intent is to create chaos and cause harm. Tony was driven by “ooh, I can make something new and shiny that goes boom better than anyone else,” and if anything, THOUGHT he was doing good by helping protect US soldiers and make them safer — “I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them.”

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